Decorating with meaning

When I put a room together at home I always like to decorate with a purpose. The first being comfort. There is nothing worse than sitting on an uncomfortable sofa, if it's the one piece of furniture you spend money on let it be the "perfect for you" sofa.

Everyone has their favourite colours and schemes to match. Personally I favour a neutral colour sofa so I can play with colour in and around the room, items such as cushions and throws build depth and interest and there are so many fabulous shops to explore both online and in person that the decorating world in your oyster.

Once you have your sofa and colour theme in place, it's time to build your story. When I say a story I mean it's the little things that evoke memories, the items which catapult you back in time. The moments you are rushing out the front door and happen to glance at a little trinket displayed on a side table, for a fleeting second you remember the weekend you and your husband browsed antique shops, or you may have filled the crystal vase on the coffee table with sweet peas from your garden which you inherited from your great

aunt. Or every now and then you might be transported back in time and remember how excitedly your daughter at the age of 5 returned from art class, bursting through the front door with the teeny tiny white pottery bowl she had made which now sits on the fireplace mantle.

Every time you glance at these pieces, you remember the reason you have displayed them, these are the items and memories which build your story and that room you so lovingly put together with all your store bought colour co-ordinated pieces is enjoyed even more by the fact you have filled it with items that have meaning.

Next time you are looking to build on your theme, have a hunt around your home. What have your children made for you? Does that crystal bowl sitting in a cupboard have a story? Did a family member give it to you, did you inherit it? Your mum and dad's wedding photos, can they be displayed somewhere, did a friend turn up one day and give you a little trinket that is now in a draw? That blanket that has been sitting in the linen closet for years, did your grandmother knit it? Can it be used as a throw?

I bet if you have a look around your home, you can find one or two things that have special meaning and if not then it's never too late to start. Decorate with meaning, you really will enjoy your space so much more.


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