I can’t believe I am getting my Christmas on already!

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

I have just had an enquiry to style a Christmas event and we are only in September. It got me thinking that Christmas is really not that far off.

It’s one of the jobs I really love to do. I love Christmas, everything about it and I love to really style it.

In December last year I was walking with my daughter and we were admiring people’s Christmas decorations and lights and we came across a front garden with a huge, I mean massive, life sized deer complete with antlers made from gold sparkles. It was the only decoration they had but it packed a punch, standing majestically in all its finery guarding their home.

It was truly magnificent and I hope these people display this lovely animal again this year so I can knock on the door and ask where they found it! That’s the thing about styling – sometimes less is really more.


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