Food for thought

Cooking has fast become one of my favourite things to do, especially since we have all had to huddle together in isolation. In the old world I used to think nothing of popping a frozen lasagna in the oven for dinner, or boiling a packet of two minute noodles. Of course I'm still not adverse to these methods of cooking at all, especially when I find myself beyond busy with children and house and everything else life throws and I simply don't have time but I am very surprised to say that I have discovered a love of cooking from scratch.

The range of fresh produce out there is astounding and using fresh herbs and spices has seriously added a whole new dimension to the different taste sensations that are on offer.

The kids are even keen to help and are super excited to be in the kitchen and knead dough, peel potatoes, sautee shalottes, beat eggs and I have become amazingly relaxed even if an egg or two has mistakenly smashed on the floor or the bench tops have a fine mist of white flour all over. In the bigger scheme of things it just doesn't matter and as a family we have learnt the art of whole food eating together, something we never had time for before COVID-19.

Of course I would be lying if I said my time in the kitchen wasn't interrupted by one child trying to kick another missing and breaking his toe on a door! but as a general rule conversations, laughter, animated discussions and arguments have all been had and I think we have grown as a family and have become closer than ever.

Food for thought.


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