For the love of baskets

I love a good old French market basket. They are so handy and chic. Not only are they sustainable and perfect to carry groceries, they look fabulous as decoration in and around the home or to lug around your arts and crafts, good for collecting wood for the fire or flowers from the garden, carry towels and buckets and spades to the beach and I often leave mine at the bottom of the stairs where I throw in whatever is lying around the house that needs to be put away and once it's filled I simply carry it up.

There are many places you can buy baskets and of course if one day you are lucky enough to find yourself wandering through a market in the South of France you will see they are everywhere and I urge you to make room in your suitcase and bring one back. In the meantime, these are my go to favourite sites for the simple fact the handles are strong, which is an absolute must if you care carrying a heavier than normal load, the basket itself is well made and they have different shapes and sizes so the choice is yours.

Where to Buy:

The Market Basket Co

This company is really fabulous. The baskets are handwoven in Morocco, they have a huge selection of shapes and sizes and they are strong. Their price point is very reasonable too so if you are looking for something different as well as the standard and you have the time to browse I would highly recommend this site. You wont be disappointed.

Simon Johnson

Looking for the stock standard basket? then head over to Simon Johnson where you can pick one up for $50.35.


I love this site for authentic market baskets My favourite is the classic market basket with short handles for $48.00 but they have a large range too and well worth checking out.

Farmer Drew

Check Farmer Drew out - this is a great site for many things including their mission of supplying products to aid saving the planet. They have a great range of market baskets and a standard large with short leather handles sells for $79.00

I hope this helps and narrows your search down. Happy shopping everyone!


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