One for the pot, one for the cook!

I never weigh anything when cooking. I learnt to cook at my mother’s knee and she learnt to cook at her mother’s knee. Our cooking method is about throwing the approximate ingredients in a pan, tasting, stirring, and adding a whole lot of passion and love. There is no point in cooking anything unless you have passion. There is nothing better than creating a meal and watching your kids, family, friends, whoever, devouring it.

I have been making this gin infused marmalade for years. My family are big jam makers. In Bordeaux where they come from they invite the entire village for jam making days so I have grown up watching women sitting around an old farmhouse table slicing fruit, drinking and laughing. There have been many versions of this recipe over the years and everyone has their favourite way of creating it but this is mine.

My grandmother always said when cooking “One for the pot, one for the Cook”! and that is exactly what I do……… this time with GIN.



A bag of oranges, washed, and sliced as thin as you can. This takes time so best way to do it is sitting down with a drink but don’t drink too much because you’re using a sharp knife. Believe me I learnt my lesson!

4 cups water

8 cups white sugar. The amount of cups is approximate, just go with your heart.

1 litre bottle of gin. Use 4 cups maybe more see how you go. Choose which ever one you want, it doesn’t really matter.

So once you have all your ingredients to hand and you’ve chopped everything up, place the oranges and water and gin in a bowl and leave it for a few hours – some people say 24 hours but I’m way too impatient for that.

Put it all in a saucepan and bring the concoction to the boil. Keep an eye on it, best to stay sober whilst doing this - reduce the heat and simmer until it is reduced somewhat.

At this point I always add more gin – see how you feel.

Throw your sugar in and let it dissolve – I would taste it now.

Then bring the pot to the boil until nice and thick. Ladle into sterilised jars and viola!

By now if you are like me you should have sticky fingers, jam in your hair, the kids should be nagging you to lick the spoon and you should be a little MERRY!!!!


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