Pine Cones are the first sign of Winter

The change of any season is one of my favourite times of the year. When the pine cones appear it signals winter is coming. As kids we had lovely long weekends in Berrima in the

Southern Highlands gathering the cones and there are so many decorative ideas you can do with them.

The options are endless really and it has become somewhat of a tradition in my family to collect them over winter. Dipping them in paint is really simple and I like to use a white gloss. Preparation and thinking ahead is key. Find a cardboard box and line it with newspaper and gather yourself some thinnish sticks to lay across the top which will act as your drying rack.

Next grab a pine cone and screw a hook into the bottom and then attach a piece of string so that it hangs. Dip your cone in the pot of white gloss paint making sure the paint coats the entire cone, raise it and let it drip for a few seconds or as long as it takes to get rid of the excess paint. Then simply transfer over to your makeshift hanging rack and tie the string to the sticks and let dry.

If you prefer a more two toned look, turn the cone upside down and run a paint brush dipped in some white paint on the underside of the cone to give it a snow tipped look.

Once complete you can hang them as a garland, tie them to a wreath base or arrange in a bowl - the look is pure winter joy.

The Doors of Berry, do the most beautiful pine cone wreaths. Shimmy on over to their instagram page and have a look @thedoorsofberry. Their seasonal wreaths are absolutely gorgeous.


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